Dr. Anthony Fauci And His Family Given Personal Security Due To Threats

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Dr. Fauci says the threats are serious and a "different magnitude" than in the past.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious disease expert, has been given personal security after receiving “serious threats” directed at him and his family, according to a report by Business Insider.

Fauci says that he also received threats while working for the federal government during the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

"I've seen a side of society that I guess is understandable, but it's a little bit disturbing," he said. "Back in the days of HIV when I was being criticized with some hate mail, it was, you know, people calling me a gay-lover and 'What the hell are you wasting a lot of time on that? I mean, things that you would just push aside as stupid people saying stupid things.”

But Fauci says that the most recent threats are more severe.

"As much as people inappropriately, I think, make me somewhat of a hero — and I'm not a hero, I'm just doing my job — there are people who get really angry at thinking I'm interfering with their life because I'm pushing a public-health agenda," he explained.

Fauci says that the threats emphasize the current political divide in the US.

"I suppose what this reflects is the divisiveness of our society at a political level. I mean, this is a public-health issue, the fundamental principles of public health, and I don't see how people can have animosity to that,” he said.

The threats, he said, are “really a different magnitude now, because of the anger”. His decisions to push mask-wearing and lockdowns have been a point of contention for some, causing Fauci to come under scrutiny.

This month, a White House official distributed a list outlining the mistakes that Fauci made throughout the pandemic, often clashing with President Donald Trump in his guidance and assessment.

Fauci has also been targeted by far-right QAnon followers, who claim that a “deep state” of partisan bureaucrats are using the pandemic as a way to oust President Trump.

Earlier this week, Fauci said he has received texts and emails from people "that are pretty hostile about what I'm doing, as if I'm encroaching upon their individual liberties."

The seriousness of the threats pushed him and his family to get personal security.

"It's not good. I don't see how society does that. It's tough. Serious threats against me, against my family … my daughters, my wife — I mean, really? Is this the United States of America?" Fauci said.

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