Donald Trump, Jr. Urges Republican Voters To Vote After Election Day

On Wednesday, Donald Trump Jr. urged Republicans to go vote in 7 days—one day after election day.

Donald Trump Jr. urged Republicans to head to the polls in 7 days on Wednesday, in order to help his father — President Donald Trump — continue making American great.

But one week from his tweet, which was posted on October 31, is one day too late to vote, and social media users were unsparing in their criticism.

Via RawStory:

> “In 7 DAYS we need every patriot to get to the polls and make their voice heard LOUD and CLEAR!” he said, in a tweet that included a video of him and his girlfriend. Former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle now works for a pro-Trump Super PAC, America First Policies.


> It is time stamped 10:31 AM October 31.


> In the propagandistic video clip the couple push the White House’s talking points about “the mainstream media and the liberal mob,” and say, “together we will keep making America great.” Trump Jr.’s voice sounds unusually low and dramatic.

RawStory noted that Trump Jr. made a similar mistake last year, tweeting on election day that people should vote “tomorrow.”

As they did last year, Twitter users responded quickly: