Donald Trump Explains The Intricacies Of International Trade


This is from the Wall Street Journal's interview with Donald Trump. The Wall Street Journal would not publish the interview's transcript. Despite this, the transcript was published by Politico after someone leaked it to them.

WSJ: Are there keys that would be the important pieces of it? What would – can you highlight specific –

TRUMP: There’ll be certain pieces. It’s not – there’ll be certain pieces. I mean, one of the things that – I have a very good relationship with the EU people and all, but they are very, very protectionist. You know, our farmers and others can’t even deal with – you know, you can’t sell in. It’s very unfair. And that’s what I’ve been talking about for a long time. It’s so stacked against the United States. Now, the EU was conceived to the point that they wanted to do something to compete with the United States. Well, you know, you could say that’s a friendly act or an unfriendly act. But it’s very protectionist. Among the most, we have farm products that you just can’t get into the EU. And we don’t do that to them.

WSJ: So you’d include an agriculture deal with the U.K.?

TRUMP: Well, I’ll tell you, you know, I did – I did thing that nobody even wrote about – although, you did. (Laughter.) But when I was with President Xi, who I have a very good relationship with, I said: Do me a favor. Would you allow cattle, please, to come in? I was last night in West Virginia, and I had farmers coming up to me and hugging me and kissing me because of the cattle stuff. They actually weren’t from West Virginia; they were from other places. (Laughter.) But, you know, it was the Boy Scouts, so they came from all over the country, but –

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Why does the President of the United States ramble on, say nothing meaningful, and speak on a fourth-grade level?


Because his mentality is at the fourth-grade level who is adored by the ignorant
. As said before, we now have man-baby President who doesn't hardly read, who is like a lying petulent child that needs constant attention and adoration, that seems to get his news and ideas from the Kotch controlled Fox news - a recipy for ultimate disastor.



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