“Donald Is Right": Putin Publicly Praises US Withdrawal From Syria

Vladimir Putin praised Trump’s call for an abrupt and rapid withdrawal from Syria.

In a statement on Russian television yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin praised U.S. President Donald Trump's call for an abrupt and immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Syria.

via the New York Times:

President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia on Thursday welcomed President Trump’s announcement of a withdrawal of American troops from Syria, calling it “the right decision.” “Donald’s right, and I agree with him,” Mr. Putin said. Regarding Syria, he said, Mr. Trump made the right decision because the American troops are in the country illegally, never having been invited by the Syrian government, as Russian forces were.

Trump says the U.S. is ready for a rapid withdrawal from Syria because ISIS is defeated.

The United Kingdom disagreed with Trump's characterization of ISIS's current status, telling the BBC that, "Much remains to be done."

via BBC:

Meanwhile, the UK government distanced itself from President Trump's assertion that IS had now been defeated." Much remains to be done and we must not lose sight of the threat they pose," a statement from the Foreign Office said.

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