Don Jr.’s Hunting Trip To Mongolia Cost Taxpayers At Least $75,000

Megan Everts

Donald Trump Jr.’s hunting trip to Mongolia cost taxpayers greatly and created controversy.

“Donald Trump Jr. cost taxpayers more than $75,000 to take a father-and-son trip to Mongolia last August to kill an endangered argali sheep,” reported the Daily Mail.

  • When the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington originally asked for a cost estimate of the trip, they were told in March that the trip cost taxpayers at least $17,000.
  • However, CREW recently came out with a new report saying that this estimate was wrong, and the total cost of the trip was actually $76,859.36.

One reason why the cost increased so greatly is that the original documents detailing the cost were not comprehensive.

  • While “the original documents showed that Secret Service paid $15,999.84 for the Marmara International LLC camping service” and “another $ 1,705.12 was billed to cover additional resources needed by Trump Jr.'s protective duty,” they failed to “include Trump Jr.'s stop in Ulaanbaatar, where he met privately with Mongolian president Khaltmaagiin Battulga... and the cost of additional air travel for Secret Service.”
  • The new documentation “shows $12,025 being spent by the Secret Service at the Shangri-la Hotel in Ulaanbaatar,” and another “$1,927.62 was spent on expenses like phones and cars.”

In addition to the cost of the trip, discussion around Trump Jr.’s hunting permit also created controversy.

  • Specifically, Trump Jr. was “able to obtain a rare permit to slay an argali sheep after the sheep was already dead,” as he was granted the permit after he had already left the region in which the sheep had been hunted.

A spokesman for Trump Jr. said that the trip was personal and that Trump Jr. had purchased the trip before his father was elected president.

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