Don, Jr: Obama Caused My Dad To Appoint Ajit Pai Chairman Of The FCC

Trump Jr. referred to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai as "Obama's FCC chairman", but it was his father who gave Pai that job.

He who cries "fake news" spread a bit of fake news himself on Twitter Thursday. Donald Trump, Jr., in taking a swipe at critics of the FCC's decision to remove net neutrality rules, seemed to think former President Barack Obama is responsible for Chairman Ajit Pai currently holding his position.

“I would pay good money to see all those people complaining about Obama’s FCC chairman voting to repeal #NetNeutality actually explain it in detail,” Trump Jr. wrote. “I’d also bet most hadn’t heard of it before this week. #outrage.”

Apparently unbeknownst to Trump Jr., his father installed Pai in his current position as chairman, though Obama did originally place him as a commissioner.

In fact, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was appointed by President Donald Trump in January. Former President Barack Obama appointed Pai to a five-year term on the commission in 2012, but Democrats fought against his term’s renewal last year. The commission voted to repeal the net neutrality protections in a 3-2 vote, with Pai voting in the majority.