Don Jr. And His Girlfriend Land $50k Speaking Gig At University Of Florida



The Republican couple with earn $50,000 for giving a speech on campus, paid for by student activity fees.

Donald Trump Jr., and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, will speak on campus at the University of Florida later this month, and the couple will be paid out of the student activity fees.

Newsweek reported that the couple — one of whom is the president’s son and the other a former Fox News host and senior advisor to the president's 2020 reelection campaign — will earn $50,000 for the gig, which also includes a question and answer session following their talk.

"ACCENT Speakers Bureau is excited to announce our first show of the fall semester featuring Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle next Thursday, October 10th in the University Auditorium!" the ACCENT Speakers Bureau wrote in a Facebook post. "FREE tickets will become available Tuesday, October 8th at 10 a.m. in the University Auditorium box office."

According to the Gainesville Sun, $19.06 of every tuition credit students pay for is put toward the student activity fee, which ACCENT has been using to pay speakers who visit the campus. The events are free for current students.

Newsweek noted that the announcement of Trump’s speech comes after comments the president’s son made last week saying it is “ridiculous” that anyone would claim his family is profiting off the presidency.

"It's ridiculous. First of all, he's not involved at all with such things. They also neglect to talk about the fact that we voluntarily stopped doing any international deals," Trump said.

"I mean, just think of the opportunity cost. The amount of deals that I've done over the last ten years, extrapolate that over the eight years of what will be his presidency. That's a lot of deals.”

"They talk about, 'Someone bought a cheeseburger at the Trump hotel!' It's asinine,” he said.

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So which one of Trump's friends set this up? If the Trumps are so rich how come they need to be paid to speak to people?


Trump is the most corrupt Prez,in recent US history.He sold out for 30m to the evildom of the NRA,and follows their instructions.His Jr,in family tradition,is even more corrupt.Their claim to the billion dollars status,thus is spurious at best.The Jr will grab any amount he can get his hands around.The trumps are a slur on our politics.Hope he loses in 2020

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