DOJ Used Russian State News Video To Prosecute Confederate Statue Burning Case

The Albert Pike Historical Statue lit on fire on June 19.Screengrab / WUSA9 / YouTube


The probable cause affidavit cites video evidence from Ruptly, a subsidiary of Russian state-controlled network RT.

The Daily Beast reports that the United States Department of Justice is using video from the Russian-government funded website Ruptly as evidence in its prosecution of Jason Charter for allegedly setting a Washington, D.C. statue on fire.

  • On June 19, a crowd toppled the Albert Pike Historical Statue in Washington, D.C. Depicting Brigadier General Albert Pike, this is the only outdoor statue representing the Confederate States of America in the district, WUSA9 explains.
  • Charter is accused of pouring an “unknown liquid” on the toppled statue and lighting it on fire.
  • The Department of Justice’s probable cause affidavit presents video evidence from WUSA9 as well as from the website Ruptly.
  • Ruptly is a division of the Russian government-funded and state-controlled network RT.

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Image credit: Screengrab / WUSA9 / YouTube


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