Dinesh D’Souza, Felon Pardoned By Trump, Retweets Vile Hashtags

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Dinesh D'Souza shared tweets promoting his latest film that included the hashtags 'burnthejews' and 'bringbackslavery'.

Conservative commentator and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza found himself the subject of Twitter outrage on the weekend after sharing tweets with the hashtags “burnthejews” and “bringbackslavery” while trying to promote his latest film.

Via Newsweek:

Over the weekend, D’Souza has found himself at the center of a Twitter controversy after retweeting messages that promoted his film Death of a Nation, whose trailer compares Trump to Abraham Lincoln- when users noticed they contained highly offensive hashtags.

The first tweet shared by D’Souza, which featured the hashtag #burntheJews, was spotted by Twitter users and widely shared, prompting the pundit to respond: “I did not see the hashtag. Just trying to share the trailer on social media.”

Twitter users were not so forgiving, unbelieving D’Souza could have missed such offensive wording.

“Don’t worry, Dinesh,” one wrote. “Everyone accidentally tweets ‪#burnthejews from their abhorrently racist fans. Could happen to anyone. I’m sure it says nothing about who you attract with your messaging.”

And then it happened again:

[S]hortly afterwards, D'Souza retweeted another message that promotes his film – this time with the hashtag #bringbackslavery, which was also quickly spotted by social media users who slammed him again for sharing the racist tweet.

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