Diamond And Silk Were Paid $7K To Campaign On Behalf Of A Neo-Nazi


Republican candidate Paul Nehlen was hoping to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Diamond and Silk, the conservative social media stars who testified before Congress Thursday, were paid several thousand dollars to endorse a Republican candidate hoping to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan.

At the time, Paul Nehlen was selling himself as a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump – much like Diamond and Silk themselves – but in time it became known that Nehlen is a white nationalist.

From Raw Story:

Federal Elections Commission records show that Diamond and Silk were paid a total of $7,025 by Volunteers for Nehlen, which was working to elect Paul Nehlen in a primary challenge against House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI). According to FEC filings, the organization paid Diamond and Silk money for “online advertising.”

Shortly after the payment went through, the two women posted an ad on Nehlen’s behalf in which they said he would support American workers, whereas Ryan was known for letting American jobs get shipped overseas. At one point, they even held up a hot dog and angrily waved it at the camera to demonstrate their rage at Ryan allegedly letting Oscar Meyer offshore its jobs.

While Diamond and Silk are now social media stars, Nehlen has had difficulty staying on such platforms:

After getting banned from Twitter, Nehlen joined the right-wing social media platform Gab, where he approvingly posted links to the neo-NaziDaily Stormerwebsite. He was subsequently banned from Gab after he revealed the identity of infamous white nationalist internet troll Ricky Vaughan.

View the campaign ad above.

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