DHS Assessment: White Supremacy Is The 'Most Lethal Threat' To The U.S.

Screengrab / CNN / YouTube


Three draft documents indicate that white supremacists will remain the most "persistent and lethal threat" through 2021.

CNN reports that recent Department of Homeland Security draft documents claim that white supremacists will continue as the most “persistent and lethal threat” in the U.S. through next year.

The most recent draft report predicts an "elevated threat environment at least through" early next year, concluding that some US-based violent extremists have capitalized on increased social and political tensions in 2020.

The threat assessment -- which also warns of continued disinformation efforts by Russia -- is especially notable as President Donald Trump has often employed race-baiting tactics in his quest for reelection and frequently downplayed the threat from white supremacists during his term in office. The Trump administration has portrayed Antifa and anarchists as a top threat to the US, with the President tweeting this summer that the US will designate Antifa as a terrorist organization.

The three draft reports “were made public by Lawfare Editor in Chief Benjamin Wittes and first reported by Politico,” CNN wrote, and “assess a host of threats, including cyber, foreign influence and irregular migration.”

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