Detroit Asks Federal Judge To Refer Sidney Powell, Lin Wood For Disbarment

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The city of Detroit has asked a federal judge to initiate disbarment proceedings against the so-called "Kraken" counsel.

Law & Crime reports that the city of Detroit has asked a federal judge to refer for disbarment pro-Trump attorneys Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and the rest of the so-called “Kraken” counsel that is working to overturn the 2020 election results.

“We have been horrified by the inappropriate actions of these attorneys and the plaintiffs themselves, and we have intended to seek any sanction the court can order,” Detroit’s counsel David Fink told Law&Crime in a phone interview, adding that the court has “inherent power” to refer disbarment or suspension proceedings to the chief judge.

Cataloguing Powell and Wood’s “lies,” “unhinged conspiracy theories,” and “fraud on the court,” Detroit created a detailed list of the duo’s courtroom and extrajudicial antics—such as their pining for martial law, fundraising through shadowy dark-money entities, and marshaling a secret witness code-named “Spyder” who later told a reporter that the legal team made him submit a false declaration. In another bizarre turn, Wood speculated that Chief Justice John Roberts may be part of a Jeffrey Epstein-linked cabal of pedophiles, a claim that led his ex-client Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington Catholic-high school student, to debunk him.

In a brief supporting the motion, Fink wrote: “While the First Amendment may protect the right of political fanatics to spew their lies and unhinged conspiracy theories, it does not grant anyone a license to abuse our courts for purposes which are antithetical to our democracy and to our judicial system.”

He continued: “Plaintiffs and their counsel cannot be allowed to use the court system to undermine the constitutional and statutory process by which we select our leaders.”

Law & Crime noted that “an early draft of the sanctions motion filed by Detroit became public” last month. It proposed “a wide range of possible penalties against Powell, Wood, and their allies, including fines, a ban from the Eastern District of Michigan and referral for grievance proceedings.”

On top of seeking initiate disbarment proceedings in Michigan, Detroit wants the lawsuit to haunt its filers back in their home jurisdictions. If granted, Powell would be referred to the Michigan Bar and to the Texas bar and Wood to the Michigan and Georgia bar. Attorney Julia Haller, a former Trump official in Housing and Urban Development, would be referred to the Michigan Bar and to the Washington D.C. bar, and Trump lawyer Howard Kleinhendler would be referred to the Michigan Bar and to the New York bar.

According to the report, Powell and Wood have only doubled-down after receiving the city’s motion last month.

“No lawyer for the Plaintiffs responded to the email message forwarding the Rule 11 motion,” a footnote of Detroit’s motion states. “Instead, at least two of their attorneys made public statements, with military analogies and references to opposing counsel as ‘the enemy.'”

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OF COURSE the dangerous lunatic Sidney Powell must be disbarred. As an insane lawyer, she's every bit as much a danger to the public as an insane surgeon would be.

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