Despite Possible Deal, Trump May Still Declare A National Emergency

Screengrab/The White House/YouTube

Despite a bipartisan deal to fund border security and avert another shutdown, Trump might still declare an emergency.

The White House has signaled that President Donald Trump might sign off on a bipartisan agreement reached on Monday to avert another government shut down this week, but the president remains open to executive action — including the declaration of a national emergency — to obtain funding for his border wall that is not included in the agreement.

Via NBC News:

The White House is considering using executive action to redirect federal funding to build a larger barrier at the U.S. southern border than what Congress agreed upon Monday night.

And, separately, Trump has kept the door open to declaring a national emergency to fund the wall, which would likely draw legal challenges.

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney made a similar assertion over the weekend, telling “Fox Sunday News” that the administration would “take as much money as [Congress] can give us, and then we will go off and find the money someplace else legally in order to secure that southern barrier.”

Lawmakers reached an “agreement in principle” on Monday, but it fails to meet the full demands of the president, NBC said.

The agreement would provide nearly $1.4 billion for new border fencing, which could include steel slats and other "existing technologies," and an additional $1.7 billion for other Homeland Security priorities like new technology and more customs officers, multiple sources told NBC News. The deal funds about 55 miles of new border barrier, and Democrats dropped a demand to cap the number of beds for undocumented immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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