Despite His Public Bravado, Trump Tells Aides He Is Losing Battle Over Shutdown

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/Public Domain


President Trump has told aides he is "getting crushed" by the ongoing partial government shutdown.

Although President Trump has publicly maintained that he is comfortable with a long, uncompromising government shutdown, a New York Times report indicates he has privately told Mick Mulvaney, “We are getting crushed! Why can’t we get a deal?”

Most Americans blame Trump for the shutdown, and as the shutdown begins its 27th day, there is still no way to end it. Trump’s aides want to find a way out.

Trump has told his aides that over time, the shutdown will be forgotten by the country, but it will remember his fight for the wall.

Aides have encouraged Trump to use his State of the Union address on January 29 to fight for public opinion.

This strategy may not work, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi has requested that the speech be either delayed or cancelled.


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