Despite Having Free Rent, Trump’s Bronx Golf Club Lost $122,000 Last Year


President Donald Trump blamed NYC for the golf club’s losses, not his or his family’s poor management of the property.

City documents show that President Donald Trump’s golf course in the Bronx lost money for the first time last year, despite New York City paying Trump’s irrigation bills and not requiring him to pay rent for its first four years, according to the Washington Post

The $122,000 loss for the past operating year is the latest bad financial news for Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point as other Trump golf courses have reported declining revenue during Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s company filed an annual “income statement” which summarizes the club’s income and expenses at the city’s course. The statement said that an “inadequate gas pipe installed by “ New York City delayed the opening of the course’s new clubhouse and had caused its losses.

“We do provide adequate gas service to the facility. Any dispute is between the city and the customer, said a spokesman for ConEd, New York’s gas utility.

Crystal Howard, a spokeswoman for the New York parks department, said, “We are aware of their claim and do not believe the City is responsible.”

Although the city helped the Bronx golf course pay its water bills and had not asked for rent, “He’s managed to do the impossible: Get this amazing gift from the city, and lose money,” said Geoffrey Croft, of the watchdog group NYC Park Advocates. 

According to Croft, Trump’s reputation as a hard-right politician and the club’s high green fees are to blame. The fees top out at $224 per round while most of the city’s other public courses charge $53 at most.

Trump’s now-open clubhouse may bring in additional revenue next year, but its days of free rent are over. The club will have to pay the city at least $300,000 in fees next year. 

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I'll bet any trumpistass the the losses are the result of fees paid to trump and that he won't pay the minimum fee next year. It's a POS course that's poorly maintained.

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