Despite Denying Climate Change, Trump’s Irish Resort Will Protect Against It

Screengrab/Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland/YouTube

President Trump has previously said that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese.

Despite making claims that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, President Donald Trump successfully sought permission last year to build walls along his golf course in Ireland to protect it from rising sea water and extreme weather.

From Business Insider:

Local authorities in Doonbeg, Ireland, gave Trump International Golf Links the go-ahead on Thursday to build the two long barriers along a nearby coast, The New York Times reported.

One wall will be 2,000 feet long, while the other will be 840 feet long, the Times said. The barriers will be made out of limestone rock, and placed in front of holes one, nine, and 18 on the course, The Irish Independent reported. The walls will weigh a total of 38,000 tonnes.

Environmentalists were displeased by the approval, saying the walls could cause damage to the beach, dunes, and greenery in the vicinity of the property.

Irish Green Party leader Eamon Ryan said, as cited by The Guardian: "It's disappointing. We should be altering the golf course, not the coastline."

Ryan said he didn't believe Trump's ownership had influenced council members but said: "They wouldn't be human beings if they weren't sensitive to the fact that the golf course in question is owned by the president of the United States."

Trump may espouse anti-climate change beliefs politically and publicly, but that does not seem to apply when it comes to protecting his business property:

In its 2016 permit application, Trump International cited rising sea levels and extreme weather as its reason to build the wall, Politico reported.