Despite DeJoy’s Vow To Halt Changes, Postal Workers Say Mail Is Piling Up

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“Some stations have so much mail backed up, it’s three times more than the volume you would see at Christmas."

U.S. Postal Service employees in various states are reporting that mail is stacking up and serious problems persist, despite Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s decision to suspend changes at the USPS.

  • NBC News reported Friday that “employees say backlogged mail is stacked so high in some facilities that workers barely have space to walk by,” offering as an example: “In Albuquerque, New Mexico, mail handlers tell NBC News first class and priority mail is still running several days a week behind schedule on average.”
  • Likewise, in “Tacoma, Washington, multiple postal workers said new mandates mean many mail trucks per week are being ordered to set out on their routes five minutes early — often entirely empty,” the outlet reported.
  • A week after DeJoy announced he would halt the changes, though without reversing actions already taken, NBC News “spoke with eight postal union representatives from throughout the nation, all of whom expressed concerns and provided examples of ongoing delays in mail delivery.”
  • They pointed to the hundreds of mail sorting machines that have already been removed and “rigid new operational directives for mail trucks and carriers” as exacerbating the slowdown.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Keith Richardson, president of the American Postal Workers Union, Chicago, Local 1, and a post office veteran who’s worked 28 years as a mail processing clerk.

“Some stations have so much mail backed up, it’s three times more than the volume you would see at Christmas,” Richardson said, noting Chicago’s International Military Service Center and Henry McGee Postal Station are particularly overwhelmed. “You can’t even walk down the aisles. It’s a wonder carriers can get in and out.”

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