Despite Being Exposed, Known White Supremacist Continues Working For State Dept.


The State Dept. will not confirm whether Matthew Q. Gebert was terminated after being suspended 6 months ago.

U.S. State Department official Matthew Q. Gebert was suspended six months ago after the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch published a report on his involvement in the white supremacist movement.

But Hatewatch reported last week that Gebert has not gone into hiding after being outed; rather, he continued pumping out white nationalist propaganda via podcasts and his Twitter account — and it remains unclear whether he still receives a State Department paycheck.

As of January 29, Gebert had produced 18 episodes of a white nationalist-themed podcast over the past six months, all of them under the pseudonym “Coach Finstock.”

He “also posted or reposted thousands of messages on Twitter and the extremist-friendly messaging app Telegram during that timeframe, promoting both his podcast and his goal of building a fascist country composed of only white, non-Jewish people,” Hatewatch reported.

At the time he was outed as a white nationalist, Gebert was working at the Bureau of Energy, though Hatewatch said it was unable to confirm whether Gebert has been officially terminated from the position. Several attempts in December and January to receive an update on the State Department’s investigation into Gebert went unanswered, Hatewatch said

Gebert had been hosting meetings for the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of The Right Stuff network, as well as working to recruit new members through various forums.

After Hatewatch’s report, Gebert was suspended, the State Department briefed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about him, and he was also forced to vacate his spot on his local homeowner association’s board.

“Merely for stating the obvious, that others are either too stupid, or indoctrinated or cowardly to do, we face risks to our reputations, our livelihoods and even our safety,” he told his listeners, using the name Coach Finstock, on January 1. “Yet we soldier on.”

Gebert’s primary focus during podcasts is on the white birth rate, as he subscribes to the “great replacement” theory, which posits that elites — often Jews — are trying to mush majority-white countries to embrace diversity in an attempt to erase white people from the earth.

“He also often depicts children growing up into a struggle for racial survival and hosts discussions around parenting advice in that context,” Hatewatch reported. “Using his Coach Finstock stage name, he suggested on an Oct. 11, 2019, episode that one of his ‘sons would be “the genera’ in response to a prompt from a guest about what would happen ‘if one of your kids is the next Hitler, 30 years from now.’”

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