Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe Is Likely A Republican

President Trump has questioned McCabe's professional integrity due to his wife's Democratic affiliations.

President Donald Trump has questioned FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's professional integrity due to his wife's Democratic affiliations, but it turns out that McCabe himself is likely a Republican.

The president reportedly went so far as to outright ask McCabe how he voted in the presidential election, and McCabe answered that he had not voted.

CNN verified that McCabe did not vote in the general election last year, but he did cast a vote in the GOP presidential primary.

Voter participation in Virginia is public record, but voters are not required to register with a party. Primaries are open to all voters, but if there are multiple contested primaries taking place at the same time, a voter may choose only one.

In 2016, both Republican and Democratic primaries were being contested at the presidential level and McCabe chose to vote in the GOP primary. Trump was a candidate in that primary.

As CNN notes, voting in the Republican primary is not a solid indicator that McCabe holds views consistent with the GOP:

While McCabe chose to participate in the GOP primary, that doesn't necessarily provide any insight into his political leanings. Voters in the state are free to bounce between party primaries as they choose.

However, anyone voting in Virginia's Republican primary had to sign a statement pledging their party loyalty.

Virginians voting in the March 1 Republican presidential primary will be required to sign a nonbinding statement that they’re party members.

The move is designed to keep out Democrats.

At the request of the Virginia GOP’s State Central Committee, the state Election Board certified Wednesday that all Republican 2016 presidential primary voters must fill out a form that will accompany their ballot. It states: “My signature below indicates that I am a Republican.”

So more than likely, if McCabe voted in the Republican primary he considers himself Republican.