Deputy Chairman Of Maine’s GOP Is A Radical Conspiracy Theorist


Nick Isgro claimed "global elites" are flooding the U.S. with immigrants while abortion providers receive subsidies.

The vice chair of Maine’s Republican Party appears to subscribe to the “great replacement” conspiracy theory pushed by white nationalists and others within the alt-right movement, accusing “global elites” of bringing immigrants to the U.S. “to be used for our own destruction.”

According to Right Wing Watch, Nick Isgro offered his warning during a livestream on Facebook last weekend, telling viewers that abortion providers in the U.S. are receiving subsidies “so we can kill our own people,” while immigrants are brought in to replace Americans.

“We keep being told that we need more workers at the same time that we’re expanding and giving massive subsidies, now, to the abortion industry so we can kill our own people, but we have to import all these people so that we can continue to have a stream of cheap labor,” Isgro said.

The “great replacement” conspiracy theory found among white nationalists makes the same argument, RWW noted, whereby global elites (generally meaning Jews) “are bringing immigrants into Europe and North America with the intention of destroying the ‘homelands’ of white people.”

This would not be the first that Isgro parroted alt-right talking points. In 2016, the Republican “called anti-sexual harassment legislation ‘cucked shit,’ and frequently shared posts attacking Muslim and Somali immigrants.”

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