Dennis Rodman: Donald Trump And Kim Jong Un Are ‘Pretty Much The Same’

Screengrab/ABC News/YouTube

Rodman said the two leaders both "love control" and brushed off their nuclear posturing as simply "entertainment".

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman believes President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jung-un are essentially the same, echoing previous remarks in which he likened the two men to "two big kids deciding who's toughest."

“They love control,” Rodman told AFP Tuesday in Beijing, adding that warnings of nuclear peril are harmless “entertainment”.

The self-styled international peace maker believes he can assist in U.S.-North Korea communications, offering to take a message to Trump on behalf of Pyonyang:

“I said to (Trump) I got three things to say to you, and after that, he told me to f–k off.”

Rodman is hoping to plan a basketball game between North Korea and Guam, to take place in Beijing, China.

While he has yet to clear the idea with authorities, he hopes that such a game would “give something historical for everyone to see” — to show that “there’s no hatred at all” on either side.