Democrats Urge Al Franken To Reverse His Resignation

Screengrab/CBS This Morning/YouTube

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin hopes others will come around and insist Franken stay until an ethics review is complete.

A handful of Democratic senators are urging Senator Al Franken (D-MN) to reconsider his decision to resign following allegations of past sexual misconduct, according to Politico, including two members of Congress who had previously said he should step down.

One of the voices calling for Franken to stay until an Ethics Committee investigation is conducted is Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).

“What they did to Al was atrocious, the Democrats,” said West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin in an interview for POLITICO’s Off Message podcast to post on Tuesday.

Though Franken left the date of his official resignation open, saying only that he would step down "in the coming weeks", sources close to the senator said he is not looking to change course.

People familiar with Franken's plans said he has not changed his mind and intends to formally resign in early January. He praised the selection of [Minnesota Lieutenant Governor Tina] Smith and has begun working with her on the transition.

Manchin is hopeful that Democratic senators, including the leadership, will shift direction and ask Franken to say until a thorough ethics review is complete.

“That’s the human and decent thing to do. If they have any decency in them, they’d do that,” Manchin said in the podcast interview. “Every one of them that signed for him to go out —including Chuck Schumer — should do that.”