Democrats Are More United Against Trump Than They Were Against Nixon

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian/Public Domain


Eighty-seven percent of Democrats believe Trump should go; in 1974, 71 percent of Democrats said the same of Nixon.

More Democrats want to see President Donald Trump impeached and removed from office than felt the same about former President Richard Nixon by the close of the Watergate scandal, according to Gallup.

Eighty-seven percent of Democrats now say that Trump should be ousted, compared with 71 percent who said the same of Nixon in a 1974 survey conducted just days before the embattled president resigned.

But this is an interesting time in American politics, Gallup noted, making it difficult to compare the impeachments of the two presidents. Voters are far more polarized today than they were in the Nixon era.

The gap between Democrats and Republicans on impeaching and removing Trump is a whopping 80 points, the pollster found, with just seven percent of Republican voters saying Trump should be booted from the White House.

In 1974, however, that gap was half of what it is today, with 31 percent of Republicans saying Nixon should go.

On the whole, slightly fewer Americans support Trump’s removal from office than supported Nixon’s ouster, Gallup found, 51-58 percent.

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