Democrats Are Floored By Mueller’s Letter, They’re Now Mulling Impeachment

Special Counsel Robert MuellerPublic Domain

Democrats were reportedly stunned by the contents of Robert Mueller’s letter. They are now considering impeachment.

According to Raw Story, Democrats were “stunned” by special counsel Robert Mueller’s letter which said that Attorney General William Barr deliberately misconstrued the findings in his report. The letter also said that they were considering Barr’s impeachment.

“What I’m hearing is that Democrats are stunned by what they saw in the Mueller letter, it’s something they were not aware of,” said Washington Post’s Robert Costa. “Are they calling for his impeachment yet? No. But privately and now some publicly some senators, top Democrats in the party, are saying we can’t rule out anything at this point.”

“They have to hear from the attorney general,” he continued. “They don’t just want to hear answers about how he handled the report, they want reassurances about his conduct about his integrity. Expect this to be a very tough hearing.”

Costa said that politics was another consideration. “Some of the people sitting up there, they’re running for the White House and have to impress their party,” he noted. “They know tough shots are sometimes the way to do so.”

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