Delta, United Airlines Pilots Tell Trump His Shutdown Is Endangering Air Travel

Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead/Public Domain

The Air Line Pilots Association, representing 61,000 pilots, is urging President Trump to end the government shutdown.

“I am writing to urge you to take the necessary steps to immediately end the shutdown of government agencies that is adversely affecting the safety, security and efficiency of our national airspace system.” -Captain Joe De Pete

As the government shutdown is about to enter its third week, a number of stories have been published on how it is adversely affecting Americans. Recently, Inc. reported that the Air Line Pilots Association, an organization representing about 61,000 pilots, released a letter urging President Trump to consider his actions in potentially continuing the shutdown.

Representing pilots from commercial airlines such as Delta and United, the letter invoked a sense of urgency in ensuring that air transportation could continue to operate in a safe and secure manner for all passengers. Operations affected by the shutdown include mechanical inspections, communications systems, air traffic controls, and a shortage of TSA screeners, as many are calling in sick or having to work without pay.

The letter also called attention to the negative financial effects the President’s decisions were going to have on federal workers.

“The pressure these civil servants are facing at home should not be ignored. At some point, these dedicated federal employees will encounter personal financial damages that will take a long time from which to recover, if at all.”