Dear Intellectualist, Please don't use the term America for the United States of America. There are 20 other countries who are American.... Mexico and those in Central and South. (and technically speaking Mexico refers to itself as a United Mexican States) Thanks, a mortified and disgusted citizen of the United States of North America "^)

Don’t be silly. The USA only uses the name America because it’s part of the country’s name. Mexico is also the United States of Mexico. But they just say Mexico for short too. It has nothing to do with arrogance. It’s their name. It just happens to share its name with the continent’s name. Maybe that shows MORE respect for the continent rather than another name. I’ve heard this shallow, stupid argument so many times that it’s pathetic. Focus more important things rather than fueling self-serving anti-American sentiment. That’s the real “ugly” here.

@Metaweb20 Are you being serious or sarcastic?

It's the United States of AMERICA. So the term "American" is correct. Are we supposed to use "United Statesian" instead?

My USA fellow countryman deliver stupid ideas.

North America
Central America
South America

Only the islands don’t use America

Funny becas Américo Vespucci was a crook and disgusting human being

As always mainlanders deliver the so well known ignorance.. My people fat, arrogant and stupid