Davos Attendees Intend To Walk Out Of Trump’s Planned Speech


The planned walk-out is in protest of Trump's 'sh*thole' comment during closed-door meetings with congressional leaders.

After President Donald Trump takes the stage on Friday to address attendees of the World Economic Forum, his audience will grow smaller.

Numerous people intend to walk out in protest of Trump's widely publicized 'shithole' comments during immigration negotiations with congressional leadership.

Boycotting Trump’s Davos speech was first broached by Business Leadership South Africa CEO (and Davos attendee) Bonang Mohale in an open letter. Leaving Trump’s speech after he starts is probably more powerful than boycotting it entirely, some Davos attendees speculate.

Mostly what they are after is an apology, said Luvuyo Rani, the CEO of Silulo Ulutho Technologies, a South African internet company, adding that Trump doesn't realize how much damage he has caused.

Trump is scheduled to meet with Rwandan president Kagame, who is also chairman of the African Union, to “reaffirm the US-Africa relationship and discuss shared priorities,” on Friday, the White House said. Trump’s speech is scheduled for the early afternoon on Friday.

I think something else might rattle him. Everytime he brags about how everything is better you should all say "Thanks Obama" or Hillary would never do this.It would make the news cycle a lot more interesting.

He will definitely contradict himself 4x at least. At least, 4 complete 180s.