Darrell Issa Calls On Trump To Commute Duncan Hunter’s Likely Prison Sentence

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Darrell Issa believes Trump should intervene in Rep. Duncan Hunter's case to commute his sentence.

Former Rep. Darrell Issa believes President Donald Trump should use his power to prevent Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) from facing jail time over his abuse of campaign finances for his own personal enrichment.

Issa, who hopes to replace Hunter, told The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board that it would “balance the public good” if Trump were to commute Hunter’s eventual sentence — which could be up to five years, though prosecutors have asked for eight to 14 months.

“Are we better off spending $60,000 a year to put him behind bars?” Issa wondered. “Or are we better off with him doing community service and going on with his life with the likelihood of him committing a crime in the future being pretty low?”

Hunter’s fate has been the subject of much speculation since he changed his plea to guilty, making the lawmaker a convicted felon, though Trump has not yet signaled he is considering using his authority to intervene.

The Union-Tribune editorial board argued that Hunter should not be the president’s next case for intervention, even though it said it “doesn’t question Trump’s authority to issue pardons or commutations or deny past presidents used these tools in questionable ways.”

“There should be consequences for his seven years of criminal behavior — as another candidate for his job, former San Diego Councilman Carl DeMaio, correctly pointed out,” the board wrote. “And there shouldn’t be special treatment for those who are politically connected or Trump supporters.”

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