Dana Loesch To Fox News: “We Are Not Terrorists”

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch offered a scathing critique of the March for Our Lives students on Fox & Friends Wednesday.

National Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch visited Fox & Friends Wednesday to insist that Second Amendment supporters "are not terrorists" and that the students who participated in the March for Our Lives last weekend could have spent their money more wisely by putting it toward security measures in their schools.

Via RawStory:

Loesch reacted to last weekend’s March for Our Lives by calling herself a “free speech purist” and then slamming the participants of the event.

“I’m fine,” she said. “I just think that all of the money that was spent on concerts and porta-potties and… armed security — a lot of that could have been spent on school security measures. All of those individuals could have actually been meeting with elected officials.”

Loesch also said that those on the left advocating gun control should be "forced" to admit they actually want to repeal the Second Amendment:

“That’s exactly what they want,” she insisted. “They just stop short of actually articulating it because they know it doesn’t poll well.”

Loesch, who has received criticism for the incendiary rhetoric of her recent NRA TV ads, complained that the conversation around guns has an "anti-NRA bias", which she believes paints NRA supporters in an unfair, negative light:

“It’s hasn’t been just me,” she revealed. “It’s been anybody who supported the Second Amendment and their right of self defense. You know, we’re not terrorists. I’m a mother! One of my oldest children is just a year or so younger than some of these teenagers that are on television.”

According to Loesch, her own children have noticed the anti-NRA “bias on television.”

“They see that there’s only one side ever presented!” she exclaimed. “It’s not a debate. You’re just being lectured to.”

Her recommendation?

“I really wish the other side of the debate would stop projecting some bigoted notions on Second Amendment advocates,” Loesch complained. “Stop and listen! Maybe give your fellow Americans a little bit of credit.”