Daily Wire Writer Calls For $0 Per Hour Minimum Wage


According to Matt Walsh, the minimum wage should be zero because some people put zero effort into their work.

Minimum wage should not exist at all, according to the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, because some people put in no effort and are therefore worth $0 per hour.

Walsh made his argument during a podcast with the Daily Wire on Friday, Right Wing Watch reported, at which time he cited a negative experience with a McDonald’s cashier who did not make him feel welcome.

“Zero should be the baseline for work because that’s the baseline amount of effort you can put in,” Walsh said. “It’s possible for someone to do zero work, which means that they have earned zero dollars.”

“How could [their work] possibly be worth $15? It’s not. It’s not worth $8 an hour. Somebody like that—I guess that the company, the restaurant, the store, has some need for them. That’s why they’re still there. So, what are they worth? 50 cents an hour at most? 25 cents? They’re worth very close to zero. Maybe not zero, but very close to it. And so, that’s what they should be paid,” RWW reported Walsh as saying.

Ideally, there would be people working behind the counter at McDonald’s who are earning as much as $35 per hour — the employees that make him feel good, for example — as well as people making 35 cents per hour, because they make him feel bad.

“That’s how wide the gap should be between wages, because that’s how wide the gap in effort is and the wages should reflect that,” Walsh said.

But RWW noted that minimum wage unsurprisingly is not tied to whether American workers make conservative commentators feel good or bad; rather, it exists “to create a minimum standard of living for people who work and to stabilize the economy.”

The federal minimum wage has not been increased since 2009, though 29 states and Washington, D.C., have minimum wages above the federal level of $7.25 per hour.

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