DA Knew Epstein Was A Dangerous Pedophile While Arguing For His Leniency

Mug shot of Jeffrey Epstein made available by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department, taken following his indictment for soliciting a prostitute in 2006.Public Domain

An official assessment concluded that Epstein was an extremely dangerous sex offender, but the DA argued otherwise.

According to the New York Post, the Manhattan DA's office had explicit evidence of pedophile billinare Jeffrey Epstein's perverted actions, yet a prosecutor nonetheless argued for clemency in a sex offender registry trial in 2011.

Then-deputy chief of Sex Crimes Jennifer Gaffney received a confidential state assessment prior to the hearing. The assessment concluded that Epstein was a highly dangerous predator that would likely continue to prey on young girls if not criminalized and has been sealed since 2011, but the newspaper sued to get it unsealed and obtained it Thursday.

The New York state Board of Examiners of Sex Offenders concluded that Epstein should be treated and ientified as a level three offender, the most dangerous designation. The board heard testimonies from several young girls aged 14 to 17 who were lured into the predator's compound in Palm Beach, Florida between 2005 and 2006. According to the Post, they were "recruited and paid $200 to $1,000 to give Epstein erotic massages that included sexual contact, intercourse and rape, Palm Beach cops found.”

Epstein pleaded guilty to assaulting one of the young girls, and he was required to register as a New York sex offender since he had a home in the Upper East Side. The prosecutors knew that the state board had given the billionaire a risk assessment of 130, “solidly above the 110 qualifying number for level three,” with “absolutely no basis for downward departure,” the brief stated.

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