D'Souza: Trump's Critics Are "Poor", "Uneducated", And Lack Sophistication

William James

Trump is maybe the most ignorant, crass, and nouveau riche dunces to ever walk the Earth, bar none.

This is laughable on many levels; but the idea that Trump is cultured or sophisticated, even in the slightest, says a lot about a person's view of sophistication.

How is Trump not a 'cosmopolitan' intellectual:

  1. He promotes doctors who believe in space aliens and demon 'semen'.
  2. He actually thought injecting disinfectant into the human body could cure coronavirus.
  3. His favorite food is McDonald's and KFC. 'Cosmopolitan' jet setters are not known for eating American fast food.
  4. He claims to know more than everyone, yet cannot what he said yesterday.



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