D.C. Officials Say That Trump Still Owes City $7M From His 2017 Inauguration

Official White House Photo/Public Domain

Records show that Congress and the Trump administration owes the city 7 million for inauguration expenses.

The Washington Post claimed after reviewing federal and city financial records that Congress and the Trump administration still owe the city of Washington D.C. over $7 million for expenses from the presidential inauguration ceremony, according to an article by The Hill.

The District of Columbia dipped into a special fund that covers security costs for special events and general terrorist protection for the inauguration in 2017. Because of frequent protests in the nation’s capital, security expenses for the city have skyrocketed.

John Falcicchio, chief of staff to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, told the Washington Post, “We have and will continue to work closely with our federal partners regardless of administration because ensuring the safety of our residents and visitors is paramount. Our commitment to this function is iron clad, and all that we ask of our federal partners is continued cooperation and the resources to carry out these activities.”

A senior administration official said that they worked closely with D.C. officials during the inauguration and that the city did not ask for additional money after inauguration security costs were more than expected. A DC official disputed the claim, saying that they did request more funds to replace those that were taken out of the special fund, but that they have not been repaid.

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