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Simultaneously, many countries in the region have struggled with their vaccination campaigns amid manufacturing and supply issues. Leaders in the European Union are set to meet later this week to consider vaccine export bans.

Several countries reinstated COVID lockdowns over the weekend including France, Poland, and Ukraine. These measures are set to last for several weeks as public health leaders assess the current breakouts. These lockdown measures are less stringent than previous measures.

On Sunday, France reported more than 30,000 new daily cases. This brought the country's total number of infections to over 4.2 million, with 92,000 dying from the virus.

Germany, the largest economy in Europe, has also been exploring the idea of additional lockdown measures. States within the country have called for an extension to the national lockdown as the COVID level rises past 100 cases per 100,000 people. Last month, Germany allowed schools and select non-essential businesses to reopen.

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