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On Tuesday, India reported 259,170 COVID-19 cases marking its sixth consecutive day of more than 200,000 new infections, according to data collected by CNN. India also reported 1,761 new deaths, its highest count in almost 10 months.

In the past seven days, India has reported around 1.5 million new cases. This has sparked a reaction from officials. On Monday, the New Delhi government announced a curfew in effect until April 26 to help slow the spread and alleviate the pressure on hospitals.

“Our healthcare system has reached its limit. It is now in a state of distress. It has not collapsed yet but it is in distress. Every healthcare system has its limits. No system can accommodate unlimited patients,” Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday.

Indian's total case count is up to 15,321,089 with 180,530 deaths, according to the Indian Ministry of Health.

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