Court: GOP Lawmaker Convicted Of Child Sex-Trafficking Must Pay Victim $125K

Former Oklahoma state Senator Ralph Shortey.Screengrab/KOKO 5 News/YouTube

State lawmaker Ralph Shortey was convicted of child sex-trafficking and sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2018.

Koco News reports that the former Oklahoma state senator Ralph Shortey, who is now serving time in federal prison for child sex trafficking, has now been court-ordered to pay over $125,000 in restitution to the victim.

Shortey was convicted in 2018 and sentenced to 15 years in prison. The government asked for over half a million dollars in restitution. The money will be used to treat the victim’s mental health and more.

He was arrested in 2017 when he was found with a 17 year old boy in an Oklahoma City motel room. The 17-year-old boy’s father tipped off the police, who went to the motel and said they smelled marijuana coming from inside the room. Shortey, then married with four children, was then accused of hiring the teen for sex.

Shortey resigned after the arrest and his wife divorced him shortly after.

After a search of the teenager’s computer, police uncovered exchanges in which Shortey referred to the teenager as “baby boy” and offered him money in exchange for “sexual stuff.”

It was also found that in the past, Shortey had used fake names to send and receive child pornography and to use Craigslist to seek encounters with males, the “younger the better.”