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A Florida student of Sarasota Military Academy is in coronavirus quarantine after his classmates met with and shook hands with Vice President Mike Pence, the Independent reported.

Vice President Pence was visiting for a fundraiser at the Longboat Key home of Rep. Vern Buchanan and posed with the senior cadets in photographs.

The school confirmed that the student and his mother are in quarantine as a precautionary measure in a statement. The Pentagon has been in communication with the school.

The student’s mother came into contact with a patient at Sarasota Doctors Hospital, a patient who has now tested positive for coronavirus.

Colonel Christina Bowman, executive director of schools at SMA, said: “We have been in touch with the Pentagon, so we assured them that particular cadet was not present for that occasion.”

Katie Miller, Pence’s press secretary, said in a series of tweets that the vice president did not meet or come into contact with the student and while the student and his mother are not exhibiting symptoms, the school remains in contact with them.

“I want our parents and employees to know we are safe,” Bowman said. “We’ve been proactive on sanitizing and teaching our students how to make sure they are washing their hands. We are working with the health department and making sure we are following their protocols. At this time, they are not recommending any exclusions. They are recommending we go about our business every day.”

The Florida Department of Health reported two confirmed cases of coronavirus in the state, as well as eight pending cases, 15 negative results, and 184 people being monitored for possible exposure.

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