Corey Gardner Is A No On Additional Impeachment Witnesses: We've Heard Enough


“I do not believe we need to hear from an 18th witness," Sen. Corey Gardner said. Previously he was mum on the issue.

Senator Corey Gardner (R-CO) said on Thursday that he is a solid no on hearing from more witnesses in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, telling Colorado Politics he believes the Senate has heard enough.

“I do not believe we need to hear from an 18th witness," Gardner said in a statement. "I have approached every aspect of this grave constitutional duty with the respect and attention required by law, and have reached this decision after carefully weighing the House managers and defense arguments and closely reviewing the evidence from the House, which included well over 100 hours of testimony from 17 witnesses.”

Gardner was one of a handful of Republican senators who had been noncommittal on the issue, leaving open the possibility that Democrats might hear from their desired witnesses — particularly former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

A simple majority of 51 votes is all that is needed for new witnesses to be allowed, but Republicans now believe they have enough votes to keep it from happening.

Three GOP senators have signaled their desire to hear from further witnesses: Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mitt Romney of Utah. Holding a total of 47 seats, Democrats need at least one more Republican to vote alongside them.

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