Cops: Infowars Reporter Assaulted Her Own Mother And Robbed Her

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Millie Weaver's supporters think she's the victim of the 'deep state.' Turns out she merely tackled and robbed her mom.

According to The Daily Beast, an InfoWars correspondent whose followers believe her arrest last week was an act of retribution by the ‘deep state’ for her journalistic endeavors actually was charged with assaulting and robbing her own mother.

  • Millie Weaver’s supporters had raised $170,000 toward the far-right correspondent’s legal bills by Tuesday, the news outlet reported.
  • Not long after Weaver’s arrest, one of her “supporters published ‘Shadow Gate,’ a convoluted ‘documentary’ in which Weaver and a handful of oddball characters allege a deep-state conspiracy among government contractors alleged to be the puppet masters behind American politics.” The report continued, saying “soon after that, Weaver’s right-wing allies quickly claimed that the damaging secrets in ‘Shadow Gate’ were what prompted the authorities to descend on her.”
  • However, official documents show that Weaver’s arrest had nothing to do with the deep state or her documentary.

Weaver is formally facing three felony charges for robbery, evidence tampering and obstruction of justice, as well as a misdemeanor domestic charge over an April family fight gone wrong. Weaver’s husband, Gavin Wince, and her brother, Charles Weaver, are facing the same charges.

The incident in question took place on April 25, when Millie Weaver began arguing with and insulting her mother, Felecia McCarron, according to a police report. McCarron started a recording on her phone, in an apparent attempt to catch Weaver, Weaver’s brother, and Weaver’s husband talking about her. The Weavers and Wince allegedly tried to take her phone away in a scuffle, and all three allegedly “wrestled Felicia to the ground.”

  • The trio allegedly succeeded in taking McCarron’s phone, which is what led to the robbery charge.
  • Weaver’s mother, “who suffered a small abrasion in the scuffle, fled to a neighbor’s house and called 911.”
  • The trio also apparently failed to convince authorities with their telling of events, which included saying Weaver's mother had mental problems and had lost her phone days before, leading one deputy to write of the interview: “I commented on the absurdity of their explanation.”

The Daily Beast reported that Milie Weaver does not appear inclined to return the money her supporters raised, and “GoFundMe will still allow Weaver to receive the $170,000 she’s raised so far”; however, GoFundMe will offer refunds to donors if they request them.

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