Conway: Since The Census Asks About Toilets, Why Can't It Ask About Citizenship?

William James

White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway is a pathological dissembler.

Via Aaron Rupar:

On Fox & Friends, Kellyanne Conway argues that including a citizenship question in the US census is really no big deal because the census asks even more "intrusive/invasion" questions, such as "how many toilets [are] in your house" and "who's using them."

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including the citizen question is a big deal, it gives 45 and ice the ability to target where immigrants live so ice can easily find and deport them. it is an evil plot by 45 and ice. the census should count people not their immigration status. the toilet question speaks to the poverty of people, immigrants or not. the census is not a vehicle for 45 and ice to single out and deport immigrants.

No. 1-2

When I get my questionnaire, I must remember to include the cats as among those using the toilet. I wish the dog could be trained to do so! 😂

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