Convictions Could Be Challenged After Tara Reade’s Expert Credentials Questioned


Six cases involving Reade’s testimony about her credentials are under review by the Sixth District Appellate Program.

According to POLITICO, California defense attorneys are considering challenging the convictions of their clients in domestic violence cases after it was revealed that Tara Reade, former Joe Biden staffer, may have exaggerated her credentials under oath.

  • Working as a domestic violence expert, Reade has provided critical testimony in domestic violence cases. She has been testifying for the prosecution as an expert in these cases for years under the name “Alexandra McCabe.”
  • Reade has come under scrutiny after accusing Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993.
  • She had stated under oath that she held “an undergraduate degree that her college says she never earned” and “exaggerated her role” in Biden’s office, POLITICO wrote.
  • The review by the Sixth District Appellate Program will determine whether the attorneys can petition a judge to review their clients’ conviction and then order a new trial.

Executive Director Patrick McKenna stated, “I have at least six cases where she testified and I have lists pending from various attorney groups where she testified as a violence expert. I expect that list will expand significantly. We’re trying to get the lists together. We’re aware of Ms. Reade, we’re in the mode of trying to review the transcripts to see if she misrepresented herself in court.”

In December 2018, Reade gave accounts of her educational background and her role in Biden’s office.

  • She testified that she graduated from Antioch University in Seattle with a bachelor’s degree, and that she had a law degree from Seattle University.
  • However, Karen Hamilton, spokeswoman for Antioch University, said in a statement that Reade never graduated and she was never a faculty member at the school.
  • In addition, she described her role in Biden’s office as being a “legislative assistant,” but she actually served in his Senate office from December 1992 to July 1993 as a staff assistant, which was a relatively junior position, POLITICO reported.

As defense lawyers look to reopen the cases where Reade provided critical testimony, they continue to look into her resume and background.

  • Scott Erdbacher, an attorney for Jennifer Vasquez – a woman convicted of attempted murder – said he is revisiting the issue.

Erdbacher, whose objection to Reade as an expert witness was overruled by the judge overseeing the case, told POLITICO, “ I’m sure that anybody who had her on a case will be looking into it very closely. Her testimony in cases, especially if her credibility is a problem, those are all things we would have asked her at trial that would have influenced the outcome.”

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