Conservative Writer Hopes Katie Hill Doesn't Sue Her For Publishing Nude Photo

Acyn Torabi on Twitter
Acyn Torabi on Twitter

“Here she is denying she is a revenge porn peddler”


Conservative writer Jennifer Van Laar insisted she is not a peddler of revenge porn and hopes she will not be sued.

The RedState writer who published a nude photo of Rep. Katie Hill insisted to Fox News host Tucker Carlson that she is not a peddler of revenge porn, after receiving criticism over her decision to include the compromising photo with a story on the California Democrat’s alleged affairs.

Jennifer Van Laar, a deputy managing editor at the conservative publication RedState, told Carlson: “Of course, I didn’t like being smeared as some kind of revenge porn peddler or vast right-wing conspiracy, because that’s just simply not what happened.”

Revenge porn involves publishing sexually explicit images or videos of a person on the internet without their consent and with the intent to cause humiliation. Most often, revenge porn is published by a former sexual partner.

Van Laar, who declined to reveal the source of the image, has said that releasing the photograph was appropriate in this situation because the affair involved one of Hill’s former staff members.

Carlson asked the reporter if she expects to be sued over the matter, noting that Hill said Van Laar had no right to make the photo public. Van Laar responded: “I hope not.”

“We haven’t received any indication from attorneys that she would, and I don’t have any other comment on that,” she added.


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