Conservative Writer Calls For Authoritarian Crackdown On American Universities



Giancarlo Sopo seems to believe authoritarian measures are necessary to save the United States from progressives.

Republicans at all levels of government in the United States must engage in an authoritarian crackdown on universities in an effort to save the country from progressives, according to conservative writer Giancarlo Sopo.

Sopo wrote in an op-ed for the New York Post on Sunday that Marxist-inspired students and academics “intend to replace inquiry with activism on the public dole,” and if conservatives do not take action, they will continue to face the “radicalization of thousands of students each year.”

As one suggestion for how conservatives can address the perceived problem, Sopo offered steps taken by Hungary’s authoritarian government:

In Hungary, for example, the ­national-conservative government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has withheld state accreditation from gender-studies programs that do little but promote unscientific nonsense about human nature and sexuality — such as the bizarre notion that gender has no biological basis or that the sex binary is an ideological “construct.” The right can take similar action in America.

Sopo also suggested that federal and state governments could eliminate degree requirements for entry-level positions and encourage the private sector to follow suit, thereby creating less need for so many impressionable young people to go to college in the first place.

But he does not want to see the government go too far in determining how universities should be run: “While Washington should resist directly designing academic curricula, it at least can induce a healthier academic environment by refusing to fund ideological, ­anti-American argle-bargle.”

Some of the “anti-American argle-bargle” Sopo highlighted includes the University of California, Davis, offering “an $8,000 ‘summer-abroad’ program that encourages students to use their federal aid to visit the Che Guevara Memorial in Cuba.”

He also noted Denison University, where he said “you can use federal loans to pay more than $6,000 for a course on applying critical feminist and race theories to pedagogy.”

And lest the reader discern his distaste for cultural studies, Sopo was quick to say that he sees such endeavors as laudable — just not to the extent that American universities want to push them.

Harvard University students recently “marched on campus to protest the Ivy’s decision to deny tenure to a ‘Latinx Studies’ professor,” he wrote. “Among other demands, they insisted the school establish an ethnic-studies department.”

Why is this problematic?

Harvard already has a Department of African and African-American Studies, as well as a wide selection of courses examining diverse cultures, all worthy fields. But the protesters maintain that a separate ethnic-studies department is needed to promote the “subverting of . . . conventional ­understandings of history.”

Sopo concludes by painting a dire picture that he appears to view as a threat not only to higher education in the U.S. but American society itself:

Our country finds itself in the grips of a state-sanctioned racket that is financing the radicalization of thousands of students each year and burdening them with debt in exchange for ­intellectually vacuous nonsense. Progressives are eager to subsidize this mess. We must end it.

Read the full op-ed.

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When I went off to university I was looking forward to meeting all those radical and Marxist professors. Didn't see a one but I heard rumors of them.


Oh Yes,Those who actually think must be stopped.


The GOP mission is to curtail critical thinking by the general population, beginning with the Universities. No amount of GOP suppression will be successful in turning thinking citizens into Stepford students. Mr Sopo is doomed to frustration.

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