Conservative Columnist: 'Voting On Impeachment Is the Senate GOP’s Nightmare'

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President Trump continues to be a headache for Republicans, but staring down impeachment will be no party either.

Republicans face a nightmare scenario if President Donald Trump is impeached by the House and moves to trial in the Senate, conservative columnist Andrew Egger wrote for The Bulwark on Wednesday.

Trump’s “wrongdoing is clear-cut and intolerable,” Egger said, leaving Republican lawmakers “forced to choose between condoning the wrongdoing and bringing down the terrible wrath of the president on his own head.”

While members of the GOP could treat the issue as one to be decided by the American people in the upcoming election — after all, we’re just 15 months away — Egger said such a move would be foolish: “What the Ukraine scandal shows us is that the right time to get Trump out of office isn’t 15 months from now, it’s as soon as lawmakers possibly can.”

The conservative writer noted that Trump made his now-infamous phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky just one day after former special counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress regarding his Russia investigation.

Trump walked away from the two-year probe declaring victory — or rather, declaring, “NO COLLUSION! NO OBSTRUCTION!”

“So how better to celebrate than with a little leaning on a foreign government to meddle in a U.S. election?” Egger wrote. And that is precisely what it appears Trump opted to do.

The president will not be held accountable, nor will he magically change his ways on his own, Egger said. “If two years of Russiagate headaches weren’t enough to get the president wise to the idea that siccing foreign nations on his political opponents is a gambit better left alone, you can bet a scolding from Nancy Pelosi won’t get the job done for next time, either.”

But at the end of the day, Republicans still are unlikely to convict the president. And Egger is certain that the party will pay come election time.

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