Congressional Leaders Reach Tentative Deal To End Shutdown, No Funds For Wall

Screengrab/Washington Post/YouTube

The tentative deal would reopen the government but leave the funding of Trump’s wall to be decided at a later time.

On Thursday afternoon, the Senate failed to pass a deal that would end the partial government shutdown for a small period of time. However, officials on the Hill claimed that Congressional leaders and President Trump had reached a tentative deal that would allow the government to reopen for a short time, according to the Washington Post.

The deal would apparently allow certain federal agencies to reopen for about three weeks and allow for further negotiation over Trump’s demand for border wall funding, which is estimated to be at $5.7 billion.

Trump is expected to appear in the Rose Garden to speak on the government shutdown Friday afternoon. This will be his first appearance since the indictment of Roger Stone under the Mueller investigation this morning.