Complaint Could Make a Quarter-Million Wisconsin Voters Ineligible


A complaint filed by a conservative law firm could lead to as many as 234,000 voters losing their eligibility.

More than a quarter-million voters in WIsconsin may lose their eligibility to vote before next year’s presidential primary election if a complaint by a conservative law firm is successfully filed, according to the Associated Press

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty argues that the state Elections Commission is wrongful in their decision to create a two-year grace period to make voters ineligible who may have moved. They argue that the time period should be limited to 30 days.

Although state law requires Wisconsin to join the multi-state Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), it does not specify how the list of voters has to be maintained. 

While the group’s president, Rick Esenberg, said in a statement that the commission doesn’t have the authority to “invent or amend policy contrary to state law,” Analiese EIcher, director of the liberal group One Wisconsin Institute, said this was an attempt to “bully the Elections Commission into a backdoor voter roll purge.”

Liberals are concerned that Democratic voters would be more affected than Republicans, as the younger and lower income voters, who tend to lean Democratic, are also more likely to be flagged as movers. 

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