Comcast Deleted Net Neutrality Pledge Same Day FCC Announced Repeal

Screengrab/Wochit News /Youtube

The company's new pledge makes no reference to its stance on "paid prioritization."

Less than a day after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his desire to roll back net neutrality protections in April of this year, telecommunications giant Comcast walked back its pronouncement that its internet service would not change if the rules were revoked.

[F]urther examination of how Comcast's net neutrality promises have changed over time reveals another interesting tidbit—Comcast deleted a "no paid prioritization" pledge from its net neutrality webpage on the very same day that the Federal Communications Commission announced its initial plan to repeal net neutrality rules.

Comcast's replacement pledge states the following:

  • We do not block, slow down, or discriminate against lawful content.
  • We believe in full transparency in our customer policies.
  • We are for sustainable and legally enforceable net neutrality protections for our customers.

Comcast Cable CEO Dave Watson also detailed Comcast's current net neutrality promises in a blog post last week. Though he said that "Comcast does not and will not block, throttle, or discriminate against lawful content," he made no promises related to paid prioritization. Watson provided a link to Comcast's customer policies, which also makes no pledge regarding paid prioritization.