Collins Took More Money From Billionaire Robert Mercer Than From All Of Maine

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Susan Collins took in $10,800 in contributions from Robert Mercer and his wife, compared to $9,200 from Maine residents.

Senator Susan Collins, a Republican representing Maine, took in more money for her re-election campaign from Robert Mercer — the billionaire behind right-wing website Breitbart — than she received in contributions from Maine’s residents, according to the Maine Beacon.

The Maine People’s Alliance called on Collins to return the thousands of dollars she received from Mercer, and Mainers for Accountable Leadership launched a petition demanding the same.

Mercer and his wife, Diana Mercer, both donated the legal maximum to Collins’ campaign, sending the senator a total of $10,800. Meanwhile, Collins reported itemized contributions totaling $9,200 from all Maine residents combined this quarter, the publication noted.

The Beacon pointed out that Collins’ willingness to accept large donations from the Mercers flies in the face of her public comments regarding white nationalism and other bigotry, given that Breitbart trafficks heavily in attacks on women, the LGBT community, immigrants, and people of color in general.

The publication also noted that Breitbart was “was instrumental in radicalizing the Republican party and helping President Donald Trump rise to power,” and former “executive chairman Steve Bannon became Trump’s chief strategist in the White House.”

In 2018, the Republican senator “praised town leaders in Jackman for firing white nationalist town manager Tom Kawczynski, whose social media presence (I don’t recommend seeking it out) is awash in links to Breitbart.”

Collins also “also publicly disavowed state Rep. Larry Lockman (R – Amherst), whom she had previously endorsed and backed financially, over his comments about a ‘war on whites’” — language commonly found among Breitbart’s articles.

That Collins would accept Mercer’s money is further proof of her “sharp turn to the right,” the Beacon concluded.

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Stephen Miller dictating the tone and tenor of articles in Breitbart as well. Usually with racist overtones.

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