Collins Takes Back Claim That Trump Has ‘Learned His Lesson’ From Impeachment


Sen. Susan Collins had to take back her belief that President Trump learned his lesson after he indicated he had not.

In defending her decision to vote for President Donald Trump’s acquittal on Wednesday, Senator Susan Collins said she believed the president had learned his lesson about abusing the power of his office.

But it seems that the Maine Republican has now learned a lesson of her own: Don’t speak for Donald Trump.

Asked about her comment on Thursday, the president reiterated that he had done nothing wrong by asking a foreign government to investigate his political opponent, adding his now-common refrain: “It was a perfect call.”

HuffPost reported that Collins changed her tune following Trump’s remarks, telling local Maine reporter Gregg Lagerquist she should have chosen better wording. Rather than saying she “believes” the president has learned his lesson, Collins said she “hopes” he has.

Twitter was not impressed with the senator’s turnaround, particularly given the gravity of the situation.

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