Collins Praises Trump For ‘Deferring To The Experts’ On Coronavirus Response


Just last month, Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said President Trump should "step back" from coronavirus messaging.

Maine Senator Susan Collins said last month that President Donald Trump should “step back” from the administration’s coronavirus messaging, but now the Republican is singing the president’s praise, according to Bangor Daily News.

During an interview with the publication on Thursday, Collins lauded that Trump has now “deferred to the experts” in making decisions surrounding the crisis.

“First let me say that I was among many who advised the president to listen more closely to the excellent medical advisers that he has like Dr. Fauci and like Dr. Deborah Birx [the White House coronavirus response coordinator],” she said. “And he has been doing that lately.”

“And I think his daily press briefings have been far more helpful to the American people and that he has deferred in many cases to the experts who usually accompany him to those press briefings,” Collins continued, neglecting to mention that the president still spouts misinformation during his briefings — and at times treats them more like a campaign rally.

Despite having encouraged Trump to “step back” early on, Collins stopped short on Thursday of conceding that the president’s remarks about the coronavirus might have caused harm to the country’s response.

“t may have given some people a false sense of security, but the president did a lot that was right in the beginning,” she said, citing the Republican talking point about Trump’s early move to block travel from China. “I think in the beginning there were times when he was speaking about what he hoped would happen rather than relying on the data and information of his experts. That has changed, and I’m glad that it has.”

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only after days/weeks of misinformation from the white house. Collins is about as ignorant as trump


Unmitigated sacks of shit

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